About Us

Welcome to Business Enterprise "WESTA” LLC.
Since 2003 WESTA performs successfully in the metal market. Over the years the company has gained a strong position on the Ukrainian market. The present day, we carry out rolled steel products delivery from warehouses in Kiev and Dnepropetrovsk. Among the company’s main activities are the following: complex provision of industrial, shipbuilding, engineering and construction enterprises with rolled steel products, food and chemical equipment manufacturers with stainless and special steels, non-ferrous metal-roll, pipeline parts; performance of a full complex of jobs on construction and reconstruction of mechanisms parts, on delivery as a complete plant of engineering systems of buildings and structures; investment and construction activities in the suburban real estate segment; performance of various jobs on production of metalwork, capacitive and optional equipment, hydro-mechanical, crane and mechanical equipment, bottling lines.
Any stainless steels machining depends on steel grade to be treated. The basis for stainless steel marking is the chemical composition of steel; all grades are strictly regulated by state standards and undergo a special chemical analysis.

WESTA manufactures its products using the most trusted stainless steel grades:

  • aisi 304 (GOST – 08Х18Н10) - stainless steel with low carbon content;
  • aisi 316Ti (GOST – 10Х17Н10M2T) - acid-resistant stainless steel;
  • aisi 321 (GOST - 12X18H10T) - сorrosion-resistant ordinary steel.

The above stainless steel types are the most popular in pipes production. When producing pipes WESTA is guided by state standards GOST 9941-81 and GOST 10704. In addition, to comply with all the standards required the company holds a special chemical analysis of metal to ensure a high quality of its products.