Stainless Steel Shaped Tube

WESTA is engaged in the production and sale of various stainless steel products. The shaped tube enjoys high demand among customers; Kiev uses it extensively in the production of furniture frames, a variety of fences, in building of playgrounds for children. In some cases, the stainless shaped tube can be used for laying cable systems.
Thanks to its exceptional qualities (resistance to low and high temperatures, to corrosion) the shaped tube has been applied in the food industry, chemical industry, agriculture, and construction of modern malls.

This type of tubes is made by shaping a round billet with electric welding and by rolling it through welding mills. As a result, the shaped tube parameters are highly accurate.

By type of cross-section it is divided into:

  • square ;
  • rectangular .

The shaped tube is made ??of different steel grades (AISI 304 generally). The tube surface may also be varied:

  • matte;
  • mirror;
  • polished.

The price for matte shaped tube product is higher than for other types because of the special treatment of the surface, but, despite this, it is the most popular one with the customers.

Many consumers make a point of the cross-section of the tube. The rectangular shaped tube is considered to be a subtype of the square one, but due to its shape and the relatively low mass, it can reduce the weight of the main structures to withstand heavy loads. The tubes can be of different length and their purposes are set in accordance with the GOSTs. The documentation is available on the Company’s website in section "STANDARDS".

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