Workpiece Machining

Business Company "WESTA" LLC is an excellent example of a company with extensive experience in metalworking and materials machining. Stainless steel treatment is a complex and responsible process, requiring specialized equipment and highly qualified team.
If you need to treat a lot of material or manufacture complex parts, we are always happy to help. Rely on professionals in treating your materials.
Treatment of workpiece surfaces is performed by strain. The process of cutting material from various surfaces with special cutting tools to obtain the required form is called machining. Machining is a complex process from a technological point of view and can be done only by professionals.
In carrying out this process many factors are important. Among them are surface roughness, the relative positions of parts, etc. Machining includes such activities as cutting, bending, seaming.
Generally, workpiece machining is the production of parts of varied complexity, grinding work, performing of finishing operations - polishing, smoothing, etc. The desired level of strain at treating material treatment is provided by the cutting tool, since its construction and geometry effect the quality, performance and cost of treatment.
Modern manufacture requires the use of the latest advanced technology, so our company pays great attention to the running qualities of modern equipment. We select the optimal method of treatment for each surface.
The cost of machining starts from 10 UAH.